How to open a clothing store and invest properly in the clothing business? The right answer... It is just simple. Just add your own activity to our experience! We offer a ready-made business. Franchise.

    Franchise or franchising is actually a form of business cooperation, under which the franchisee becomes the owner of a successful business as an elaborated system and assumes certain obligations to adhere to the rules of organization of such a business.

    We offer you to buy a complete and proven system of sales (franchise), and get the right to use all the advantages of the brand, as well as the prestige and status of the owner of the stylish clothing salon. We have been operating in the franchise market since 2006. Therefore, we have an extremely well-versed, successful, ready-made turnkey business. We provide support to our specialists in opening the store and running their business. We provide consulting on location, business plan development of the future salon, promotional materials and recommendations on merchandising. This support will allow both beginners and experienced gamers to work! Go to our franchise catalogue and choose the brand you like best. The catalogue contains: MEDICINE franchise, TATUUM franchise, SCOTFREE franchise, FUNK'N'SOUL franchise. We will help you to realize your business ideas!

    We started our work in the clothing business in 2005, when we tried to bring the European brand to the Ukrainian market, but with a tight tie to the North American clothing trends like streetwear.
Today, this brand is available in virtually all major shopping centers in Ukraine. It continues to win its supporters and has expanded the boundaries of the target age audience a long time ago. And we are grateful to this period for the invaluable experience of organizing, conducting, planning, marketing clothing store support as a profit-oriented business system.

    Of course, this is another, European experience of business organization. Perhaps, it doesn't has such a pleasurable pathos and flurries, but it is restrained rationally in its content. We live in a global world and many people, after reading these lines, will agree with us. It is this approach that allowed us to successfully pass the crisis tests in 2008-2009 and makes it possible to adapt today.
     It is clear that the clothing business is, above all, the business. And, consequently, it is a sober calculation. The sales systems we offer are time-tested standards for organizing and doing business. Ready-made business is like a mathematical formula, where you have to put up unknown data. The only thing that is unlike mathematics: in the clothing business a significant role is played by the unknown variables that can hardly be brought to numbers. However, there are also methods that allow assessing their impact.

    Let's do not repeat the generally known statistics of the duration of business start-ups life cycle. This have its explanation: the number of unknowns in such projects is overlapped, a lot of things is being done for the first time; the experience and a stable team of like-minded people are very influential factors. It's clear that having a business idea is not enough. Unlike these startups, proven business organization systems minimize the number of unknowns at the start and offer ready-made solutions, including for the future. In addition, such sales systems in the clothing sector are less dependent on subjective factors, and therefore more sustainable for investors. Of course, it is exactly your employees, who will meet, support and follow the customers at your clothing store (or better to say the salon). However, your influence on their work will always be dominant. Yes, this is your extra eyes and ears, but they are extra.

    In our formula for success, we focus on the high activity of the owners, that is, investors. Why? Any mechanism (system) that you have at your disposal needs a care. The more active you control its work, the longer and more reliable it will serve you. Perhaps this is a too simple comparison, but, in fact, we are proud of all our customers - we meet active people. Franchise for them is a form of cooperation between like-minded people, who understand and support each other. Over the years of activity in this market, our customers are our the greatest asset. We can only confirm that having decided to cooperate with us, they keep on earning in this business, and more pleasantly, they expand (diversify) their business.

    Franchise is one of the most reliable options to build and develop your business. This is a ready-made business for entrepreneurs or business owners, which minimizes the risks. The franchise catalogue offers a variety of options and opportunities. Take the first step - drop your doubts and just call us!!

    Unitech Company will help you start your stylish business.


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